The Beautiful Story the Church is Revealing
--How a unified Body of Christ proclaims the ultimate restoration of all--

Providing a safe venue for the Body of Christ to explore the hope, desire, and inkling that the redemptive love of God in Christ may be bigger and more powerful than we've been allowed to believe. The purpose of God's Love Wins is to reveal how the Body of Christ together has always supported the Story of God's complete and final victory over sin, death and evil. We affirm foundational doctrines of both the Reformed (Calvinism) and the Arminian (Free-will) perspectives and embrace the truths contained in the historical creeds. Continue with us the conversation generated by Rob Bell's Love Wins, Mark Galli's God Wins, Francis Chan's Erasing Hell and the 2012 docu-movie "Hellbound?" by filmmaker Kevin Miller.
"The debate about hell's duration is much more complex than I first assumed. While I lean heavily on the side that says it is everlasting, I am not ready to claim that with complete certainty. I encourage you to continue researching..."
Erasing Hell, Francis Chan (page 86)