The following statements summarize our vision of the Story of God revealed to us in Scripture:

“God moves toward His world in care and love. He is committed to every part of His creation, loving it and upholding it. And though sin and evil have marred the world, so it is just a shadow of its true self, at the end of time, nature will be restored to its full glory and we with it.”

“The whole world will be healed as it is drawn into the fullness of God’s glory. Evil will be destroyed and all the potentialities in creation, latent until that moment, will explode with fullness and beauty.”

“Because creation was made in the image of a God who is equally one and many, the human race will finally be reunited and our racial and cultural diversity will remain intact in the renewed world. The human race finally lives together in peace and interdependence. Glory to God in the highest goes with peace on earth.”

— Tim Keller "The Reason for God" (pg 232-233)

"The goal of redemption is nothing less the restoration of the entire cosmos.
The scope of redemption is truly cosmic. Through Christ, God determined ‘to reconcile to himself all things’ (Col 1:20). Matthew 19:28 speaks of the renewal (the word is ‘regeneration’) of all things. Acts 3:21 also indicates a cosmic regeneration when it says that Jesus must remain in heaven ‘until the time comes for God to restore everything’.

"Why must God regenerate, give new life and direction to, all things? Because the entire creation has been drawn into the mutiny of the human race (Rom. 8:19–24). Because man’s fall affected not only himself but also the rest of creation, redemption must involve God’s entire creation."

— Michael D. Williams "Far As the Curse is Found"

"To speak of sin by itself, to speak of it apart from the realities of creation and grace, is to forget the resolve of God. God wants shalom and will pay any price to get it back. Human sin is stubborn, but not as stubborn as the grace of God and not half so persistent, not half so ready to suffer to win its way.

"Moreover, to speak of sin by itself is to misunderstand its nature: sin is only a parasite, a vandal, a spoiler. Sinful life is a partly depressing, partly a ludicrous caricature of genuine human life. To concentrate on our rebellion, defection and folly — to say to the world, ‘I have some bad news and I have some bad news’ — is to forget that the center of the Christian religion is not our sin but our Savior.

"To speak of sin without grace is to minimize the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the fruit of the Spirit, and the hope of shalom."

-- Cornelius Plantinga "Not the Way It's Supposed to Be"

"God created both soul and body, and the resurrection of Jesus shows that he is going to redeem both the spiritual and the material. Therefore God is concerned not only for the salvation of souls but also for the relief of poverty, hunger, and injustice.

— The Gospel Coalition "Theological Vision for Ministry"

"God's Love Wins" represents a community of individuals who are followers of Jesus Christ by faith in His life, death, resurrection and coming restoration of all creation. We represent a diversity of theological backgrounds from Reformed (Calvinistic) to independent and Baptist (Arminian). We are remaining anonymous at this time to protect our families from the undue accusations this view has shown to generate from some quarters of evangelicalism.

While we believe that God’s redemption is indeed universal we renounce the spirit that uses this understanding to lord it over others. This is nothing more than just meaningless noise (I Cor 13). On the other hand, if an individual says they believe in the eternal doctrine of hell yet loves God, loves their enemies, and displays the mercy and grace of God they are closer to the Kingdom than any individual that claims they believe God will redeem all mankind yet is not known for their love. True religion will be demonstrated by the fruit of I Corinthians 13 and “caring for orphans and widows in their distress”. (James 1)