Hope Beyond Hell Fills In Gaps of "Love Wins", April 21, 2011
By Phillip (usa)

This review is from: Hope Beyond Hell (Paperback)

This book is so timely in light of the recent debate over Rob Bell's "Love Wins". It fills in the gaps and answers the questions you might be left with after reading Bell's book. I think "Love Wins" really hit the Church broadside. If you have never considered the view of Ultimate Restoration it smacks of "heresy". Many people say as they read the book they felt a "check in their spirit" against its message. Well, I hope they do not give up on looking into this view because of a "feeling". The Mormon's test for truth is "a burning in their bosom". I plead with Christians to do more than listen to their feelings and take up and read; "study to show yourselves approved unto God". There's no question, Bell did not satisfy people's questions. He only painted a picture to ignite a discussion and to ask questions the Church stopped asking. Sometimes I don't think we even know what questions to ask since we have been so conditioned to not bring up certain topics.

MY HISTORY: Just so you know, I come from a very solid background of Evangelicalism. I came to this understanding about 5 years ago through my own study of the Scriptures after being challenged by some very thought-provoking questions I had been confronted with in an online discussion. Gerry's book was next and it was just amazing. He took all the parts of my Christian history past (my journey from Arminianism to Calvinism) and made sense of it all by showing that the God who WANTS all to be saved is also ABLE! No more theological conundrums! No more terrifying doubts!

Bell definitely struck a chord. But for many people it left them hungering to know more. I have heard MANY people respond by saying they WISH it were true as if they must give up and leave it at that. Nothing could be further from the truth! Gerry Beauchemin's book is the next step for people desiring to know "if these things are true". It is detailed, full of Scripture, and leaves NO ROCK UNTURNED as far as your questions are concerned. It is Scriptural, logical, organized, philosophical and personal...and for me, devotional. I have wept tears of joy, repentance and worship as I was confronted with the God who loves me, loves His creation and holds me close to His heart and wants me to love what He loves and care about what He cares about: the restoration of His broken creation. Do not listen to the naysayers who shout "liberal" or that there is no sense of judgement or holiness in this message. To the contrary. What has occurred in my heart since coming to this view can only be described as, "holy". I have been so joyfully convicted of sin in the context of God's love it has been overwhelming. If this is not your response at first, then you have merely been released from your prison of fear of an eternal hell. But don't be alarmed, that's normal for most. Keep seeking God. When you finally see Him as your Father and not a foreboding threat ...He WILL come and fill you with a love for and an obedience to Him you have never known before.

One last thing. This book is a must-read for all Christians for the reasons I stated above. But at the very least you must read it so you can have a authentic respect for your Christian brothers and sisters who hold to this view and for the very same reason you hold your particular view, they find it Scriptural. You will at least understand how compelling this view is for a growing number of Christians.