The Names of God

The following names are a sampling of the 600+ references to God's name in the Bible.

Note that not a single name depicts a God of Eternal Torture. God's names reveal His character and nature indicating who He is and what He does. For all 600 please visit: or

A Chief Cornerstone
A Consuming Fire
A Father to Israel
A God who hides Himself
A Great High Priest
A Holy God
A Just God and A Savior (Isaih 45:21)
A Jealous God
A High PriestA Hiding Place
A Judge of the Widows (psa 68:5
A Light to the Nations
A Man of Sorrows, familiar with grief
A Merciful and faithful High Priest
A Merciful God
An Awesome and Mighty Warrior
A Prince and Savior
A Rock of Offense
A Shelter
A Strength to the Poor
A Strong Tower

A Sun and a Shield
A Sure Foundation
Our Abba Father
Our Advocate
Almighty God
The Alpha and Omega
Ancient of Days
Author and Finisher of Our faith
Author of Salvation
Author of Peace

The Bread of Life
Bright and Morning Star
Our Lord and Our God
Hope of Glory
The Counselor
The Creator of the Ends of the Earth
The Desire of All Nations
Everlasting Father
Everlasting God
Everlasting King

Faithful and True
Father of Mercies
Father of the Fatherless
Firstborn Among Many Brothers
Firstborn of Every Creature Fountain of Living Waters
The God and Father of All
The God Full of Compassion
God Most High
God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob

God of All Comfort
God of All Flesh
God of All Grace
God of Hope
God of Love and Peace
God of My Mercy
God of My Praise
God of My Righteousness
God of the Living
The Breath of All Mankind

God of the Whole Earth
God of Truth
The Only Wise God
God Our Savior
God Our Shield
God Who is Ready to Pardon (Neh. 9:17)
The God That Cannot Lie
The God that Judges the Earth
He that Fills All in All (Eph 1:23)
He That Gives Breath to All

He That Judges Righteously
He That Ought To Be Feared (Psa 76:11)
He That Knows the Heart
He That Searches the Heart
He That Was and Is and Is To Come
He That turns the Shadow of Death into Morning (Amos 5:8)
He That Works All Things After the Counsel of His Own Will
He Who Has Eyes Like a Flame of Fire
He is the Head of the Body, Which is the Church
The Helper of the Fatherless

The Great High Priest
The I Am That I Am
Mighty To Save
Immanuel, God With Us
Judge of the Living and the Dead
Just and Justifier
King of All the Earth
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
King of the Jews

Lamb of God Who Takes Away the Sins of the World
Light of the Nations
My Defender
My King
My Judge (Job 9:15)
My Redeemer
My Refuge
My Rock
My Salvation
My Savior

My Song
My Strength
Precious Cornerstone
Prince of Life
Prince of Peace
Righteous Father
Rock of Offense
Root of David
Savior of All Men
Savior of the World

Shepherd of Our Souls
Son of God
Son of Man
Sun of Righteousness
Eternal Life
The Amen
The Beginning, and Firstborn from the Dead
The Chief Shepherd
The Comforter
The God of the Ages

The Faithful God
The First and the Last
The Great and Awesome God (Dan 9:4)
The Highest
The Holy One
The Holy and Just One
The Light of the world
The Living Bread that Came Down From Heaven
The Living Father
The Living God

The Lord Mighty in Battle
The Lord My Banner
The Lord our Righteousness
My Healer
The Lord Who Chastises
The God of Hosts
The Living God
The Lord That is faithful
A Very Present Help
The Messiah

The Only Wise God
The Only True God
The Propitiation for Our Sins
The Resurrection and the Life
The True Vine
The Incorruptible God
The Way
The Truth
The Life
The Living Word

The Word of Life
Your Husband
The Preserver of Humankind (Job 7:20)
Your Father Who Has Bought You (Deut 32:6)
The Spirit of Truth
Your Father Who is in Heaven (Isa 8:13)
Your life and the Length of Your Days (Deut 30:20)
The Sovereign One

The God Who Sees
The God Who is Sufficient for the Needs of His People
Our Provider
Our Peace

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