Questions For Us

The majority view...
Is not Ultimate Restoration denying 1500 years of Church tradition and the majority view?

Not what the Bible teaches...
“I would really like to believe this but unfortunately its just not what the Bible teaches.

Nature and purpose of hell...
“What do you believe is the nature and purpose of hell?”

The Cross...
If I can live a life completely consumed with myself, without having to come under the authority of Christ, and still be in heaven with Christ, why would I live a life like Paul (beaten, shipwrecked, stoned, persecuted from every angle)?

Infinite punishment...
Would not sin against a holy infinite God result in an infinite sentence of punishment? And wouldn't limiting the duration of hell diminish the seriousness of sin?

Destruction in the Bible...
How can anyone seriously entertain this notion that God will save all when there is so much death and "destruction of the wicked" in the Bible?

I don't have a problem with this doctrine...
"Why do people say that this teaching makes them depressed or fearful? I have never had any trouble with it. I just accept it by faith since He is God and, 'His ways are higher than our ways'".

How are any saved in light of this so-called "evil" doctrine...
"Why would there be any Christians if this supposedly false doctrine has been the terrible deterrent you say it has been for so long? What about Church history full of amazingly devout Christians?"

What is a Functional Universalist?
A functional universalist is one who talks like, lives like and hopes like all things are going to be made new
but when pressed they deny their support of it. Some have even gone so far as to write lengthy blogs and even books to defend their belief in a limited redemption of God.

Book Reviews

Love Wins by Rob Bell

Erasing Hell by Francis Chan

God Wins by Mark Galli

Hope Beyond Hell

A Community Called Atonement by Scot McKnight (coming soon)

The Gospel of the Kingdom by George Ladd (coming soon)