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Welcome to the God’s Love Wins Blog!

This blog allows us to share our ongoing insights regarding the unstoppable and unfathomable love and grace of God!

We have come to understand that God is indeed bigger and better than we had been led to believe but looking back over our journey of more than 10 years we could say like the Queen of Sheba of Solomon, “we did not know the half of it”! We have found that you cannot possibly overestimate or exaggerate the love and goodness of God.

While the study materials throughout the website will begin to answer initial questions regarding the ultimate restoration of all we have discovered there is more…so much more! It just continues to grow and expand “beyond what we could ever ask or imagine”! This blog will help us begin to consider the enormity of what Christ has accomplished on behalf of mankind.

Knowing “how many God will save in the end” will not change you!

Yes, deconstructing the traditional religious paradigm of “eternal conscious torment” in hell can bring great relief for those believers who have been in bondage to fear over its horrific implications. But simply the revelation of a universal redemption through Jesus has no power to change anyone. In other words the ultimate restoration of all is not the Gospel but simply one of the implications of the true Gospel of grace. It is the conclusion to the message that God is both all-loving and all-sovereign in His dealings with mankind but it is not ”the point” nor is it “the power of God unto salvation” (Rom 1:16).

Understanding that YOU were included in Christ has the power to change you!

Our goal is not to prove some kind of “universal-ISM” but rather our number one desire is to communicate how we can personally encounter this all-loving God revealed in Jesus! Again, knowing and believing that God someday will accomplish a universal restoration of His creation has no power to change you. But knowing and experiencing personally how He included YOU in His death, burial and resurrection will! Letting the truth of the Incarnation of Christ and His union with you fill your vision will revolutionize, galvanize and energize your life like nothing you have ever encountered!

We recommend that you begin with a meditation of the fellowship of the Father, Son and Spirit where you have your origin (John 1; Eph 1). You began in the heart of a relational God who “knew you before He formed you” (Jer 1:5). You did not begin at your birth. Your past does not define you nor does Adam’s past define you. “You were found in Christ before you were lost in Adam!” (Andre Rabe)

The goal of the Living Word of Christ is YOU!

God’s ultimate purpose is not to reveal His Son in the Bible, or to reveal Him in history or in the future but to reveal “Christ in you, the hope of glory”! Please take some time to steep your soul in this truth that originated in the heart of your Creator who is Himself a fellowship of love. When you hear a Word that began in the same place that you began, it will resonate* and “out of your innermost being will flow rivers of living water”! (John 4)

We recommend beginning with the revelation of your true value based upon your origin in and union with Christ:

You Are Valuable! by Andre Rabe

Your place in the “Back-story” of the Trinitarian life of God!

*Thanks again to Andre Rabe for this thought!

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    1. Brother Stumblefoot says:

      Is there a feedback comment page somewhere on the web about the recent “Forgotten Gospel conference?” Thanks, Brother Stumblefoot

    2. glwadmin says:

      Hey BSFoot! Check out their FaceBook page and also their website dedicated to The Forgotten Gospel. I am sure they would love to hear some feedback both by way of encouragement and suggestions for next year’s conference. You could also email them directly at The Sanctuary.

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