Matt Chandler Says Most of the Church Worships “a Different God”

One of the main emphases of this blog is to reveal how the Body of Christ itself is constructing within itself the paradigm of God’s universal love and salvation of all mankind. One profound way is demonstrated by how the evangelical Church is deconstructing itself. As it publicly declares it’s differences (most see them as [...]

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December 9th, 2014 by glwadmin

How the Church Supports Christian Universalism Within Itself!

Updated January 8, 2014:  We have discovered yet even more evidence within the Body of Christ which expose our inherent faith in “Christian Universalism” (= the absolute success of the cross for all mankind). They happen to be some of the strongest! We updated and are re-posting this article as it is central to understanding our unique approach [...]

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January 7th, 2014 by glwadmin

Response to Keller’s “The Importance of Hell” Part 1

Note to USAToday, and readers: Interestingly the reference to Tim Keller’s article is actually our refutation of Keller’s belief that the nature of hell is a place of non-remedial endless torture. This site reveals how an understanding of true Biblical justice demands a restorative view of hell. This can be demonstrated Biblically, logically, [...]

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October 25th, 2012 by glwadmin

Does “Unlimited Atonement” Make You a Universalist?

The doctrine most contested within Calvinism is that of the “Limited Atonement” or “Particular Redemption.” This has produced the myriad of “four-point Calvinists” or the so-called 4.5 Calvinism of neo-Reformers such as Mark Driscoll. This is the one point that most have difficulty swallowing, unless of course you are John Piper. However, any slight attempt [...]

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February 7th, 2012 by glwadmin

J. I. Packer’s Intro to John Owen’s Death of Death in the Death of Christ

I read J. I. Packer’s Introduction to John Owen’s Death of Death in the Death of Christ as I was being challenged out of my Arminian position into the Reformed faith. This was in a Presbyterian Church back in 1975. I remember reacting vehemently, “no, this cannot be how it is!” as I was being [...]

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January 21st, 2012 by glwadmin