DON’T MISS “The Forgotten Gospel Conference”!

Coming up is an exciting opportunity to gather around and celebrate the forgotten gospel of God’s relentless love and grace! It will be held in Denver August 5-7 hosted by The Sanctuary Downtown. See website for details!

Speakers: Pastor Peter Hiett, Dr. C. Baxter Kruger, Dr. Ilaria Ramelli, William Paul Young, Robin Parry, and Brad Jersak

“The deepest story is not our failure, but God’s success. He is Relentless Love.”

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  1. Brother Stumblefoot says:

    I have been a “convert” to a universal reconciliation, for probably 8 or 10 years now. I love the hope it brings.

    But i do have some concerns regarding the Universalist movement which I will try to explain here.

    First, I fear some have lost sight of the fact that in this life here, if we wish to be “Right with God” now, it is necessary to become reconciled (i.e., regeneration by the Holy Spirit, justified by faith, through the death and resurrection of our Lord Christ) even though we believe there is a post mortem “safety net” for those who fail of that regeneration/justification down here.

    The message must be Biblical, and Evangelical in the Biblical sense, nothing of the Unitarian assumption that the unbeliever will immediately be welcomed by a God who does not judge sin. While that judgment is not eternal; it will be, we can be sure, severe! No one will “breeze” through that.

    And to be (again in this life), one of God’s friends, servants, spokespersons, right with God, this above mentioned necessary regeneration/justification by faith, is not simply through the church ordinances, baptism, holy communion, whatever, as may be supposed by some; it is through believing the gospel message that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again.
    Indeed, our whole hope for a universal reconciliation is based on the atoning work of our Lord on the cross!

    So it is, the message of the cross must be foremost, as it was by the Apostle Paul; and while we may certainly rejoice in the hope of a final reconciliation of all, we must be mindful that “It isn’t finished yet;”
    the work of reconciliation is not complete until the sinner is reconciled to God, i.e. in his own mind, the regeneration/justification spoken of above; whether it be in this life, or as a result of a post-mortem judgment.

    Thanks for listening, Brother Stumblefoot

    • glwadmin says:

      Thank you Brother S. for sharing your concerns. I agree totally. I have also seen the lives of some who have embraced universal salvation in order to become complacent or “free.” I believe this happens when a person has been under severe religious bondage and the act of being “let out of prison” leads to no boundaries or perhaps a loss of urgency. This is because there was obviously no intimate relationship with Christ to treasure and nurture. When you are in love you don’t go looking for ways to oppose and hurt the other person. But if God was nothing but a judge to you then to come to believe that he was going to “let everyone off the hook” might cause a person to be tempted to sin with impunity. But that is not indicative of true relationship and romance.

      I would also point out that just to believe that the nature of hell is not punitive nor eternal but rather restorative and temporal does not take away our urgency toward others to avoid its pain and negative experience. For instance, you would never tell a young child that it was ok to play with the sharp knife because after all if he cuts off a few fingers you will take care of him or he can get a prosthetic. I’m sure you can think of examples of how ludicrous it would be for people to encourage dangerous behavior because, after all, they will someday be in heaven. We care about people NOW and in their lives right now. Now matters. This is true love for others.

      Third, I would say that when you have had a vital relationship with Christ or the true Gospel ignites or renews it you can’t keep quiet!! We have some dear friends who sold everything they had and traveled around the world for 5 years preaching this GOOD news!

      Here is a link to an article by Pastor Peter Hiett entitled, “Where Is the Urgency?”

      I am sure that your questions will be addressed at the conference! I will be posting a review of the conference, btw. Thanks again for your thoughts and I know they reflect many others’ concerns.

      grace and peace,

  2. Brother Stumblefoot says:

    Thank you Philip, for speaking as you did. Btw, I do hope to be at the conference, perhaps the oldest person who will be there. I would love to meet you, look for the small stature oldest guy with a hat (never leave home without it, not enough hair, too many skin cancers). How many do you expect to attend the conference? I would love to meet as many as I can, especially from Texas. Grace.

  3. glwadmin says:

    I hope to meet you there as well…! I have no idea how many to expect. A similar conference out west brings a crowd of about 150 so not sure what to expect in Denver.


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