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Welcome to God’s Love Wins!

Please use this index to find the articles that best address the questions you may have about Christian or Evangelical universalism. Some will be more helpful to those coming from a Reformed or Calvinistic background while others will appeal to a more free-will or Arminian perspective. But most articles will apply in some way to both camps of theology.

Most importantly we want to begin directing our readers to the most life-changing truth in the universe: God’s thoughts about who we are, the image and likeness of God redeemed and revealed in His Son Jesus Christ! It is not our thoughts about God that define Him but His thoughts about us that define us. Our thoughts about God are us trying to invent God and have led to over 30 thousand denominations! Without the revelation of His love for us all knowledge remains “a clanging cymbal.” We direct you to our pages on our union with Christ which we will be filling out in the near future:

Our Union With Christ:

“Christ in You!”–Andre Rabe


If you are Reformed/Calvinistic:


Tim Keller

George Sarris:

Brian Zahnd–”Beauty Will Save the World”:
Roger Olson:
Peter Hiett:
Trinitarian Theology:
Various topics:
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