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Interlinear Bible–Free online Greek and Hebrew Interlinear Bible

The History of Time and the Genesis of You (An update of “Epiphany: The God Who Does Not Fail”)–Free PDF book by Peter Hiett

Perichoresis–Renewal of Trinitarian thinking and living–Dr. C. Baxter Kruger

alwaysloved.net–The ministry of Andre and Mary-Anne Rabe (Identity in and union with Christ)

Making Jesus Accessible--Ministry to our Muslim neighbors, Carl Medearis

Escape To Reality – Articles by pastor Paul Ellis on the radical grace of Jesus Christ

NEW!! Reforming Hell “God’s justice compels Him to restore everything to the way it was meant to be—together, wholeheartedly enjoying & praising Him forever!” Lots of great info, book reviews etc., Answers the following questions: How does reforming hell affect our view of who God is and who people are? How does our view of hell relate to our view of justice and the purpose of punishment?

Other Resources, articles, blogs and music:

Hope Beyond Hell–Free PDF book by Gerry Beauchemin

Anchor Points to Peace–Article on assurance by Gerry Beauchemin

Jesus Creed–Scot McKnight

The Sanctuary Downtown–Pastor Peter Hiett, Denver, CO

Echo the Story–Bible -Storying

Bible Mesh–Multi-media Bible-Storying

Redeemer.com–Dr. Tim Keller

Josh Garrels Music–music of justice and hope

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    1. Frank says:

      Why does the bible use words like death and perish when referring to the destiny of mankind? These terms have created many conditionalists. How do Universalists deal with those words?

      • glwadmin says:

        Hi Frank…thanks for your very relevant question! First, I’d say that we need to take the trajectory of the Bible’s message as a whole. It is first and foremost a story, His Story and it is one of life over death: “In Adam all die; in Christ all will be made alive.” “The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” The gift is greater than the trespass…” “The last enemy to be destroyed is death.” and so on.

        Second, words are parts to a whole and if we try and dissect words we will be all over the place theologically. Again we need to hear the Bible’s overall message. That being said, interestingly, the word “perish” in verses like John 3:16 is the same word that is translated as “lost” in the parables of the lost coin, sheep and son. And we know that you can’t be lost unless you already belong!

        “All the ends of the earth will remember and return to the Lord!” Psa 22:27

    2. Ernest Randolph says:

      Glad I finally visited your site and read some of your views. I find them interesting. Had many friends who went to Lookout Mountain and am friends with Mark Krackavik. I do see the love in your heart for the lost. I to have a deep love for the lost so I thought I might find similarly. I find it interesting how you abandon the Traditional Gospel yet cling so hard to Calvinism. You apear to chastise free will. Does God not refer to free will continuously in scripture. It is only thelogy that takes it away. Not to get off track. My thought I wanted to share is that maybe we do have a second chance in the millennium.
      I understand your thoughts on the idea of a just and loving God, but if God gave mankind and maybe even the angels a thousand years to change their minds, would it not be just to send them to destruction or eternal suffering at that point. The believers will rule and reign with Christ but what about those whio are thrown outside? What about the final rebellion and the final judgement. If only believers are alive in the Millenial Kingdom, who will rebel? Although I can not establish this as fact, I do find these thoughts logical, comforting and possibly Biblical. I believe strongly in free will and am probably a zero point Calvinist. This has not come from Theology but from scripture. Although you have radical ideas for good reasons, it appears that you are stuck in Calvin’s theology. Confusing why you would conclude scripture does not teach the traditionally understood Gospel yet does teach Calvin’s notion of no free will. Thought coming here I might find sain clarity, just found a lot of confusion and man made ideas
      I hope Jesus will lead both of us to truth.

      • glwadmin says:

        Hello Earnest,
        If you spend some time reading here you would realize that we are not champions of Calvin or his Calvinism. We are reaching out to the Calvinists as well as Arminians to reveal how the Gospel contains incredible treasures from both paradigms: A God who is both willing and able to save. Both Calvinism and Arminianism reduce the greatness and power of Christ in His death, burial, resurrection and ascension because they are unwilling to embrace the rest of the gospel from their brethren. At present and throughout history the Cals and Arms have declared that the other “worships another god.” This means that either Christianity is split between 2 diametrically opposed concepts of God OR they must embrace both the God who is willing (God’s desire for all to come to repentance) with the God is able (God’s irresistible grace and beauty).

        You apparently know the dead ends of Calvinism but please consider the dead ends of Arminianism or free-will. Here are some articles on the subject of free-will:

        Universalism, Calvinism and Arminianism

        Another Look at Free-will

        Free-Will Part 1

    3. We are reaching out to the Calvinists as well as Arminians to reveal how the Gospel contains incredible treasures from both paradigms

      I have found that Evangelical Universalism is the via media between Calvinism and Arminianism as it maintains both their strong points. It glorifies God’s sovereignty and exalts his love.

      • glwadmin says:

        Absolutely William! That is the revelation we have come to and has made sense to so many. Otherwise we must admit that within Christianity there are two mutually exclusive views of God. They must come to grips that either they worship two different Gods or they embody one God who is both all powerful in His love and all loving in His power!

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