“Downside Up”: A New Video Series Featuring Peter Hiett

We always knew Peter Hiett was destined for the movies! We are thrilled that Peter is presenting his material from his powerful sermons and books through the creative media of film. The following short video begins The Downside Up Series…

The Cutting Room Floor: Bible Verses Banned By Bible-Believing Christians

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    1. Alex Smith says:

      Wow! What a brilliant short film! Thanks for sharing.

    2. glwadmin says:

      Hey Alex…glad you dropped by : )
      Yes, Peter has continued to enrich our understanding in so many areas. And we are so stoked that he is using his gifts to bring this powerful message through these videos!
      He sent me an update of his book “Epiphany” which we have a link to here. It’s of course brilliant as well. He renamed it “The History of TIme and the Genesis of You.”


      Grace and peace to you and all at the Evangelical Universalist Forum!

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