The Deeper Story by Peter Hiett

The following is an excerpt from Peter Hiett’s book Epiphany, pages 42-47:

So, what’s the deepest story?

There’s one more very challenging question for the reader of Genesis 1: How could a character in God’s story write himself out of that story? I mean, who has more authority — the character or the author? You or God? Even if you had free will:

Could your free will trump God’s free will?

Could your hatred overpower His love?

Could you turn Him into a fact in your story such that you no longer were a fact in His story — God’s story –the One “who accomplishes all things according to the counsel of His will”? (Ephesians 1:11)

So what’s the deepest story?

Your badness . . . or God’s goodness?

Several years ago I realized that there was one more way to reconcile the Genesis

story and modern science:


Einstein’s theories of relativity are no longer just theories but tested hypotheses verified through experimentation (unlike evolution). Relativity and quantum mechanics teach us that we should not take space and time so seriously, for they are relative to things like light and even word. It’s something Scripture told us all along. We just didn’t believe it.

Gerald Schroeder is a Jewish physicist from MIT who now teaches in Jerusalem. In his books, he reminds us that time is relative to differences in velocity and gravity, and that time is dilated by the expansion of the universe. Therefore, the universe is different ages in different places. To answer the question “How old is the universe?” you must determine the frame of reference — that is, where the observer is standing. We always assume our own frame of reference, (As if we were God our something). We always assume planet Earth, now and me. But in the beginning, there was no planet Earth. Where would The Author be standing?

Schroeder argues that if we, (here and now, on earth), measure the age of the universe at 15 billion years, but then ask how long 15 billion years would be from the standpoint of Creation, (that is, from the moment matter formed, from the perspective of the entire universe tuned to the cosmic background radiation from the Big Bang; that is as close as we can get to the standpoint of the Big Bang)… if the universe is 15 billion years old from earth’s perspective, it’s about six days old from Creation’s perspective. 15 billion years or so, is literally six days. That’s just physics. I suppose you could argue the details (estimates regarding the mass of the Universe etc.), but it’s very clear that time is relative. It’s relative to the speed of light, and God is light. 15 billion years is literally (physically, actually, really) six days.

“And these are the generations of the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 2:4).

“A day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day” (2 Peter 3:8).

It’s what the Bible said all along. We just didn’t believe it. So, I’m Old Earth and Young Earth. I’m even younger than the young-earthers.

When I read Schroeder’s book, a ton of scientific problems dissolved away, but even better tons of theological problems did the same. Because what does this mean? It means the seventh day is not over; the story isn’t over. We’re still being made in God’s image. Actually, according to Schroeder’s calculations, it appears that we are at the end of the sixth day, the edge of the seventh day. Perhaps God will still say, “Behold, it’s all very good” or perhaps even, “It is finished.” Whatever the case, time is relative to Him.

The Deepest Story

Now, if that’s just science, I should drop it. But it’s not. It’s what the Bible said all along. We just didn’t believe it. After day seven, the next verse in Genesis says,

“When no plant of the field was yet in the earth . . . then the Lord God formed man of

dust” (Genesis 2:5-7).

By Genesis, Chapter 2, we’re back in day six, and God is still making mankind in His image. He doesn’t stop at The Fall. In fact, Jesus in John 5 literally says, “My Father has been working until now and I am working” (5:17). That means His Father had not yet rested in space and time since the beginning of space and time. After the description of the seventh day in Genesis 2:1-3, God never says that He is finished with His work until John 19:30 when Jesus,

The Word made flesh,

The Plot made flesh,

The Ultimate, Eschatos, Adam,

Firstborn of All Creation,

The Perfect Image of the Invisible Creator,

at the end of the sixth day, a Friday,

lifts His head as He hangs on the tree of law

and cries: “It is finished.”

He is the edge of the seventh day.

He is the point at which eternity touches time and gives meaning to all things.

He is the plot to the deepest story and to your story.

He is the Beginning and the End.

The deepest story is not dependent on your story. Your story is dependent on the deepest story. The deepest story is not The Fall. The deepest story is not your sin. The deepest story is that God is making you in His image. Jesus is His image, and you are His Temple, Body and Bride. The deepest story is that God is making you in His Image and will not fail.

So even though we wrote ourselves out of the story; even though we cursed the voice; even though we crucified the Plot on the tree; even though we tried to make Him just a fact in our story, even that is a story within The Story – The Father’s Story. The Father is still telling our story in space and time. He never stopped. Actually, when we crucified the Plot, we revealed the Plot and that was the Plot. It’s there that we get the Plot, fall in love with the Plot and ingest the Plot. It’s there that we surrender our story to His Story. There, we are created in His Image.

“Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” That’s the plot.

We die with Him, then, live with Him in the seventh day. He died and rose from the dead saying, “My Father is your Father” (John 15:21). You are not an orphan. You are not an extra. You have His name. At His table, you ingest the Plot: body broken and blood shed. You ingest Mercy. You ingest the Plot and become the Body of the Plot. What kind of story is it? The genre is Gospel. Although you wrote yourself out, He wrote you in with His Blood. That’s Gospel. It’s the deepest Story. That means it’s eternal.

I have an amazing friend named Elaine. She had a horrid childhood. Her Father Worshipped Satan and her mother seemed powerless to help. Over the years God has allowed me and my wife to be used by Him in delivering Elaine from some very dark memories and horrific bondage. Late one night, Susan and I prayed with her over one of her first memories as a little child. The way Jesus heals her is that He reveals His presence in these old memories through visions, and then His presence reveals the deepest story: His relentless love. My wife often sees the visions along with Elaine. On this night, because of this memory, Elaine had come to believe she was an orphan, only worse than an orphan… a child of evil. Jesus appeared in a vision and gave new meaning to all the old facts in Elaine’s story. My wife Susan saw Him do this along with Elaine. At one point, she leaned over to me and whispered, “Peter, Jesus has something to give Elaine. It’s a birth record.”

I said, “Elaine, Jesus has a present for you. Will you let Him give it to you?” She was terrified that it would be some form of condemnation, but finally, she held out her hand. I asked, “What did He give you, Elaine?” She said, “Oh, it’s only a piece of paper.” I said, “Read it.”

In this vision, as we held her and prayed, Elaine looked at the piece of paper. All at once she gasped saying, “It’s a birth certificate… and it’s, like, glowing with light! It’s written in blood!” On the birth certificate was her name. I asked, “Elaine, what’s the date on the birth certificate?” She paused and then exclaimed, “Oh, there isn’t a date . . . It’s eternal!”

You see, that means it’s the deepest story—a gift from the seventh day. With her birthright, her birth certificate, in one hand and a flaming sword in the other, Elaine battles the ancient Serpent refusing to believe his lies. She undoes the powers of chaos and the void with the Deepest Story, Our Lord Jesus.

I believe you have a birth certificate. And it’s eternal. It’s the deepest story about you. It’s…

The Deepest Story in You

Sorry: one more movie – none more profound. There is a great little episode of Winnie the Pooh on one of the videos I used to watch with my kids. In the video, Tigger’s “bouncing” gets him in a heap of trouble. He bounces himself right out of the story and into the branch of an enormous tree. He’s terrified. The tree is an illustration that appears next to the words in the book that the narrator is reading on the video. Tigger hears the narrators voice and cries, “For goodness sakes, narrate me down from here.” At that, the narrator laughs, turns the world upside down (the book, on it’s side) and tells Tigger to “let go.” Tigger believes the word on the tree. And so he drops from the tree and stands on the word (the print on the page). The narrator then turns the book and Tigger bounces down the words onto the ground. Through the word the narrator delivers him from peril on the tree and back to earth — a new heaven and new earth.

If you watched that video when you were a little kid and thought, “That’s so cool; I wish it was real,” it is! It is real! We’ve bounced ourselves out of the story and into a tree. The Father tells us to “let go” – surrender control. His Word comes to us on that tree and He delivers us from nowhere to somewhere – His Story. And that’s the new and eternal plot; that’s the story. We bounce ourselves out and He narrates us back in. It’s called the Gospel, and you need to believe it. Why? Because when you believe it, it changes the meaning of every fact in your story, even the meaning of that tree. It changes you… It’s the Word in you. The Deepest Story in you – The image of God.

We can write ourselves out of our own story, but not out of God’s Story,

The Deepest Story.

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