Talbott and Walls Debate On Hell

The following is a debate held November 12, 2012 between Thomas Talbott (The Inescapable Love of God) and Jerry Walls (Hell: the Logic of Damnation) on the nature of Hell held at Malone University entitled “Go to Hell?”


Interestingly Dr. Walls recently published a book presenting a Protestant take on “limbo” called Purgatory: The Logic of Total Transformation. Jerry Wall’s faith in man’s “free-will” has forced him to suggest a work of sanctification post-mortem. It appears to be yet another attempt to reconcile the unreconcilable: an eternal hell of torment for most of mankind against a loving God on the one hand and trying to hold fast to His sovereignty on the other.

If you want to begin to explore the idea of a non-Catholic view of a post-mortem refinement (that is, not a payment for sins but rather a sanctifying work) read on…

Scot McKnight reviewed Walls’ book here and it elicited primarily the following response: if people knew they had another chance (by going to “purgatory”) then why would anyone change now? Where would the urgency be in this life? McKnight led the trajectory by entitling the post A Protestant Affirms “Second Chance” Purgatory. (We will answer this notion of “second chances” in another post)

RIchard Beck also wrote an article after reading Walls’ book on the idea of Purgatory here




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