“Universal-ism” Defined

The term “universalism” can be misunderstood as it can often come with some negative baggage. Perhaps it is its connection with liberalism that has turned it into “pluralism” (the idea that all roads lead to God) or Unitarianism (the Arian belief that God is One in number and is not an eternal relationship of Father, Son and Spirit). We personally do not like the term for these reasons. We would rather call it Christian Universalism, Ultimate Restoration or better yet, The Good News of the Finished Work of Jesus!

All “isms” can lead to imbalance for they make theological declarations that get disconnected from the person of Jesus Christ Himself. HE is the point. NOT, “how many are going to be saved in the end.” Who He is and what He has accomplished will have implications for our eschatology, but knowing how things will turn out in the end does not tell us how His finished work has restored our original identity and our union with Him right now — today. Believing in “universalism” does nothing to change the status quo of our present limited gospel and therefore little to change our present daily lives, or the world for that matter.

But take a moment to listen to this brief video of Paul Young and note how he defines universalism in two ways. One is limiting and narrow while the other is comprehensive enough to include this vast universe as well as your next breath. Then dive into the limitless reality of what the Father, Son and Spirit accomplished on your behalf, even before you were aware!



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